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 In 1965, the Ministry of Education (MOE) allowed the establishment of the Department of Banking at school. Regrouping a banking and a insurance branch, the program took the name of “Department of Banking and Insurance” until 1973, when these two divisions became two independent departments. Taking account to the national economic development and business development needs, the Department has continuously strengthened the team of teachers to enrich the students of money and banking, economics theories, and also make them able to apply their knowledge in real life in other words, to become bank professionals. 
In 1967, to reinforce the teaching efficiency which based on a combination of theory and practice, the internship bank was founded in the Department located in Taipei City. Later, in 1969, another branch was founded in Danshui. They were specifically intended to students of the Department of Banking for practice purposes. At the same time, the curriculum of the department has always focused on theory and canceled the unnecessary repeated courses, and opened more theoretical or practical courses relevant to Economics or Banking in order to enable students to acquire basic knowledge of financial theory which will serve as the foundation of more advanced knowledge and to improve banking practices. 
In 1988, the department took again the name of “Department of Finance”. The education for the future of the Department is based on research and service for a balanced development while teacher expertise and research are taking into account some subjects like investment, banking, derivative financial products, financial innovation, financial engineering and other topics related to the financial field. Furthermore, the curriculum included programs as corporate finance, financial institutions management and international finance and other related fields. Moreover, with financial investment minds, basic knowledge and skills about banking and international finance students of this Department are able to enhance the use of financial information hardware and software training to improve their measurement approach and the application of mathematical ability.
In 1986, the Department has established a master program of finance, divided into the financial group and the professional financial group. In 1998, to make the system more complete, the Department developed a doctoral program. Besides, in order to promote education and social services and to facilitate community education of finance, set aside the Taipei area, the Department offers training courses in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung.
Night School enrollment

The Department has stopped the enrollment of Night School in 1997, so there were only two senior classes left in 1999 academic year. From 2000 school year, the Department has recruited new students and has been transformed into a Bachelor program with further courses. 

The Department has been actively engaged in the promotion of education and has earned positive reputation. In fact, it has determined to pursue further studies in order to meet the financial needs of professionals who, through bachelor degree courses, can continue to enhance their financial expertise, and then upgrade the overall national competitiveness to pursuit the goal to become as early as possible the center of Asia-Pacific financial area. Furthermore, the development of finance must be both international and local and takes into account particularly China's national conditions and social environment before they could develop an applicable theory to the financial and technological condition of our country. Therefore, the Department of Finance plans to set up university degree courses to strengthen research and development in line with our national conditions and financial localizations, and theories which can effectively assist countries to complete the financial modernization. 
Description Table of the Head of the Department year by year

Head of the Department over the years are listed below:
Starting and ending years serving
Rui, Bao-gong
Department of Banking Insurance 
Zhang, Cheng-Da
Department of Banking Insurance 
He, Rui-kun
Department of Banking Insurance 
Chen, Guang-Heng
In august of 1973 the Department was renamed as Department of Banking
Yang, Zhi-xi
He, Yi-ren
Wu, Sen-Tien
Chen, Jie-Dong
Yang, Meng -long
Liu, Fu-Chi
Hua, Ming- Shu
In 1986 the Master program was established and Hua Ming- Shu was the head of this program from July 1986 to July 1990. 
Zhuang, Wu-ren
 In 1981, the Department was renamed “Department of Finance”
Liu, Cong-heng
Head of the Department of Banking and Finance from August 1st, 1986.
Lin, Jing-chun
The Doctoral program was established in 1998
Nieh,  Chien-Chung
Professor, Department of Banking and Finance
Chiu,  Chien-Liang
Professor, Department of Banking and Finance
Lee,  Ming-Chih
Professor, Department of Banking and Finance
Chen, Yu-Lung 2016.08-present Associate Professor, Department of Banking and Finance
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