International & mainland student


    International & mainland student

    Introduction to Mainland Chinese Students

    Department of Banking and Finance has begun to recruit Mainland Chinese students since 2012. In 2012, we enrolled 4 students in our program, and three years later, the number of Mainland Chinese students has reached 20, and up until now, the numbers of Mainland Chinese students are still growing. Department of Banking and Finance has been the most popular department in our Business and Management School, which is particularly loved by the students from Mainland China. Previous years, there were nearly one thousand Mainland Chinese students applied for our undergraduate program which we can only accept 19.

    Study here at Tamkang University, you can make friends, feel the warmth, appreciate the different customs and learn the necessary knowledge. As an old saying goes: a student must take 3 classes during his/her years in college, the 3 classes are: academic, love and join at least one students club. We can ensure you by enrolling in the Department of Banking and Finance, you can learn them all.


    Overview of Mainland Chinese Students



    Q: Do all textbooks used in English?
    A: Not necessarily, it will depend on the lecturers.

    Q: Are classes taught in English?
    A: Some classes are taught in English. You can find more information in
    the course introductions when you select your courses. You may choose
    your courses with your preference.

    Q: Do I need to have good English to be able to major in finance?
    A: For some classes, you need to be able to read English text books. You would be okay if you can preview lecture notes before class.

    Q: Are there frequent interactions in class?
    A: Depends on the lecturers. There are some classes that require presentations.

    Q: Are there any study material recommendations for people entering their
    freshman year?
    A: You can start reading books on basic economics.

    Q: As for Mainland Chinese students, do we need to write traditional Chinese?
    A: You don’t have to. Students from Mainland Chinese can write in either
    simplified or traditional Chinese, most of the lecturers can read

    Q: Any recommended student clubs or associations?
    A: If you want to join finance related student association, we have
    finance Student Union, Securities Research Society, Futures Research
    Society. There are hundreds other student associations in Tamkang
    University. We are sure you can find something you are interested in
    joining in.

    Q: Are students’ loading in study heavy?
    A: Depends on your study attitude. You should study hard if you want to have an excellent performance.

    Q: How’s the faculty in Department of Banking and Finance?
    A: All of the lecturers gained their Ph.D. degrees from universities abroad and top schools in Taiwan. They also teach well. We are sure you can gain a lot from them.

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